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Yoga Exercise

Using Exercise to Reduce the Waste in Healthcare Dollars

$750 billion is a lot of money. It is more than the GDP of many countries. And, according to a recent article published on Medical Consultants Network – it is the amount of money wasted each year by our fabulous health care system. Unimaginable as it may seem, the report from the Institute of Medicine found that the amount of money wasted (roughly 30 cents on every medical dollar) is more than the budget of Medicare ($716 billion per year).


Fitness & Cardiovascular Disease

“Approximately every 34 seconds, 1 American has a coronary event, and approximately every 1 minute 23 seconds, an American will die of one.”

In 2008, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported that 515,000 Americans experienced their first heart attack and over 200,000 Americans were treated for a second or third heart attack. In that year alone, 720,000 Americans suffered a heart attack and approximately 600,000 died of cardiovascular disease (CVD).


How Personalized Medicine is Changing Lung Cancer

Stephanie Dunn Haney never felt a sense of urgency about the pain on the right side of her chest. The discomfort only occurred when she coughed or sneezed, and she was trying to get pregnant with her second child. Once her second daughter was born, Dunn Haney didn’t want X-rays while she was nursing. Two years passed before she saw a doctor near her home in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. Test after test turned up nothing.


Gluten, Grains & Good Nutrition

Good grief! Are grains really all that bad for us? To listen to some athletes talk, you’d think grain foods are the dieter’s demon. Often demoted to being “just carbs,” whole grains are actually a beneficial part of a sports diet. But to the detriment of many athletes, grain foods—in particular, wheat— have gotten a bad rap in the past few years.

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Strength Training During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of many physical changes for a woman, and recent research has shown that maintaining or even starting an exercise program can provide benefits to pregnant women and their babies. The majority of research has focused on cardiovascular exercise, but the importance of strength training during pregnancy is often overlooked.

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Fearing the Gym after Injury or Illness

One of the activities my wife and I used to really enjoy doing together was going to the gym. We had a personal trainer named Eric. Eric was funny, knowledgeable and understood how to maximize the workout for both me and my wife. Having a personal trainer that understood both our individual needs kept us motivated to workout. Eventually we moved and got a gym membership. However, we did not sign up with a personal trainer and the gym experience was no longer that unified activity we enjoyed together like we did when we worked out with Eric.