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Woman Receiving Massage

Invest in Your Health with Therapeutic Massage. If You Don’t, Who Will?

Massage, Reiki and CST allow me to work deeply into the muscles of my clients but without the pain often associated with “deep tissue massage.” Sore points are gently held until they release, and restrictions in the central nervous system are removed, allowing circulation to flow through the muscle fibers again, restoring movement and flexibility.

Couple biking

The Intimate Link Between Sex and Exercise

The “ex” in sex, is for exercise. Putting it mathematically, 2/3 of sex is exercise! As if the prevention of heart disease, cancer, diabesity, osteoporosis, and supporting fat loss are not enough… exercise is the magic igniting our pelvic mojo. Most unfortunately, many still feel uncomfortable thinking about sexual function. Studies show that less than half of people speak to their health care providers if there is a problem.

Beautiful pregnant woman thinking of her baby

Zika Prevention Guidelines

Zika virus fears have left pregnant women with serious questions about how to avoid contracting the virus, and whether the use of insect repellents will put their fetuses at risk. Zika isn’t the only disease that’s bug borne (ticks also carry diseases such as Lyme and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever) so avoiding these types of insect borne diseases depends upon…


Type 1 Diabetes Explained

I wrote this post two years ago and still have people with diabetes write to tell me how much it has meant to them. How they printed it off and showed it to their family and friends. How people seemed to finally understand the difficulty of what they live with.