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What is the Difference Between Pilates and Yoga breathing?

As an Occupational Therapist, many patients come to me who are in pain and are suffering from a variety of issues including breast cancer, repetitive stress injuries, musculoskeletal problems, and back pain. I use both Yoga and Pilates in my practice Integrated Mind and Body in Boston for relaxation, and to help prepare patients physically and psychologically for the treatments that I offer.


A Simple and Effective Fitness Routine for Those with Busy Schedules

When things get tough for you in terms of balancing your work, social and personal life, your workout routine may be the first thing listed off from your schedule, because of how much time it can take. However, with the right amount of nutritional and health care you can still manage your fitness routine in just half an hour each day! Just stay hydrated and find some time between your schedules to try these effective workouts!

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Proper Nutrition for a Healthy Life

Over the past two decades, America has witnessed a rise in what many would agree to be “preventable deaths and diseases”. Now, in 2016, too many people are afflicted and losing the battle earlier in life from illnesses that used to be associated with the elderly including cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, arthritis, heart diseases, and the always visible obesity.

Instructor Showing Health Results On Clipboard To Senior Couple

Medical Fitness Network Can Help Clubs Meet The Needs Of The Baby Boomers

Selling more memberships is the continual goal of every health club. Making that membership an important and constant part of a new member’s life is the major challenge. Clubs can easily attract the under 50 crowd who want to look fit and create a healthy lifestyle. Most clubs market to this group. It is more difficult to get and keep those whose whole focus is weight loss.

Instructor And Elderly Patient Undergoing Water Therapy

Kinesiotherapist: The Transitional Rehabilitation Specialist

Kinesiotherapy (KT) is a highly specialized and yet extremely adaptable therapeutic discipline. A Registered Kinesiotherapist (RKT) is equipped with knowledge and skills to bridge any gap between acute illness and physical wellness. The RKT uses two fundamental modalities, exercise and education, to help improve functional loss in their clients.